Velvet Wells is
The Velvet Duke

Caramel skinned, velvet voiced queer entertainer

Velvet Wells, Entertainer

Velvet can engage your audience with impromptu or prepared material. Velvet is an improviser, stand-up, storyteller, and singer.

Thursday, July 30Personal Demon Hunter: Divine & Conquer for one night only!

Join Velvet on Facebook every Monday at noon for Nooner Crooner, the improvised musical show based on your made up song titles.

Based in Toronto, Velvet is available to travel within Canada once Health Canada has provided guidelines ensuring the safety of performers and the public.

What People Say

“Velvet is such a warm and captivating performer. He brings you in close, makes you feel all the feels and then gives you chills with his beautiful singing voice” — Kelly S.

“Velvet Wells proves once again why he is such an open, inviting and talented performer.” — Geoff M.

Select audience responses to Personal Demon Hunter (Toronto, 2019)